Installing RetroPie to Raspberry Pi 3 with wireless Xbox360 controllers

Installing ROMs wirelessly

20. Open start menu and write \\retropie . If you changed your hostname in step 15, then write that hostname. Mine is called retropie. Then click Run command \\retropie.


21. Open roms -folder.


22. And voila! You can see all supported systems. You can install ROMs by drag-and-dropping files straight to those folders. If your ROM is in zip archive, you don’t need to extract it. RetroPie understands archives. When you have copied your _homebrew_ ROMs, you might need to reboot RetroPie before you can see the installed roms.


Keeping RetroPie up-to-date

It might be good to update RetroPie now and then, and it’s easy if RetroPie is connected to internet through WiFi. There is

RetroPie Configuration -> Raspi-Config -> Update – Update this tool to the latest version.
RetroPie Configuration -> Retropie Setup -> Update all installed packages

Follow given instructions to update RetroPie to latest version when its needed!

Any problems?

If you have any problems please write comment, or you can check if im live on Twitch @ Raiwo, and ask your question live.

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