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Playing old LAN games over internet using Hamachi in 2019

Play old lan games over internet using Hamachi

It's time to learn how you can play old LAN games over internet using Hamachi. LogMeIn Hamachi is a virtual private network (VPN) application. It is capable of establishing direct links between computers that are behind Network address translation (NAT) firewalls. When Hamachi works, it works like butter, but it can be a real headache to get it work. So i suggest that before you start to mess with Hamachi, check out this GameRanger article. GameRanger supports over 700 old games and it's much easier to setup.

Installing Hamachi on Windows 10

1. Go to https://www.vpn.net/ and click Download now.

Hamachi download link

2. While you wait Hamachi to download, go to Sign up (Referral link). Every Hamachi user have to have Hamachi account so they can join to your Hamachi network.

Hamachi signup

3. After you have created your account start Hamachi installer.

Open Hamachi installer

4. Really basic installer. Next next next next finish.

Click next on installer

5. Launch Hamachi after installation.

Hit Finish on the installer

6. Hit power button from Hamachi, it should now generate your Hamachi IP address.

Hamachi connected

Changing Hamachi network priority (Interface Metric)

We need to change Hamachi interface priority to highest so old games will get Hamachi IP, not your normal LAN interface ip. Priority is called as Interface Metric in Windows 10. It's debatable if this is necessary or not, because for some everything will work without doing this, but if every "party member" setups Hamachi as same, it will have better change to work as intended.

1. Open windows start menu and write "power shell". Right click icon and select Run as administrator.

Opening powershell in windows 10

2. Write Get-NetIPInterface and hit enter. You should see Hamachi interface there and by default Interface Metric is 9000. We wanna change Interface Metric to number that will be smallest on the list, so everyhing below 25 should work.

In my example image Hamachi interface index is 17. You can see it in the left side before Hamachi text (ifIndex). So i would write Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceIndex 17 -InterfaceMetric 1 after that write again Get-NetIPInterface so you can see that InterfaceMetric has changed.

After you have changed Interface Metric reboot your computer, or you can reboot your computer when you have finished making all the changes mentioned in this article.

You can paste text to Powershell with mouse right click.

Windows Powershell network interfaces

Changing Hamachi to IPv4 only

This is also step that we can debate about, but there has been situations where someone is getting IPv6 IP address and it has messed things up. So it's just easier to force Hamachi to use only IPv4 addresses and there will be less headache.

1. Open Hamachi and go to System > Preferences.

Hamachi preferences

2. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings.

Hamachi advanced settings

3. Scroll down untill you see IP protocol mode and change it to IPv4 only.

Hamachi advanced settings ipv protocol

Changing Hamachi network location

You have to do this ONLY if your Hamachi network location isn't already Private network. So if Hamachi network already belongs to Private network, skip this steps.

1. Go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center and check that your Hamachi network belongs to Private network. If your Hamachi network belongs to Public network, it's better to change it.

Windows 10 network

2. Open windows start menu and write secpol.msc and click best match link.

Windows 10 secpol.msc

3. Open Network List Manager Policies and find your Hamachi network and open Properties.

Windows 10 local security policy

4. Go to Network Location tab and change location type to Private.

Windows 10 network location

Creating Hamachi network

It is enough that only one user is creating the network, and all other participants joins there.

1. Login to Hamachi website (Link) with your account and navigate to Networks > My Networks and click Add Network.

Hamachi Add Network

2. Give your network a name and make sure that Mesh is selected.

Hamachi Add Network step 1

3. You can put these settings how you like. If you want to have more than 5 members in your Hamachi network, you have to buy subscription. You can get 33% off by clickin this link: http://ssqt.co/mcfbqsn

Hamachi Add Network step 2

4. Click Finish.

Hamachi Add Network step 3

5. Copy your network ID and send it to every party member.

Hamachi Edit Network

6. Open Hamachi and click Join an existing network.

Hamachi Join an existing network

7. Paste your network ID and write your password if you are using one.

Join Hamachi network

8. When everybody has joined to newly created network you should see them on the list. If everything is working as it should, you can ping your friends and your friends can ping you. Also if someone is sharing files in network, you can see them with Browse.

Joined Hamachi network

Windows Defender Firewall settings for Hamachi

If you are using Windows Defender Firewall and it is enabled, it is good to make sure that Hamachi network traffic is allowed.

1. Open start menu and write windows defender firewall and open best match link.

Windows Defender Firewall

2. Open Advanced settings.

Windows Firewall Advanced settings

3. Add all 4 Hamachi executables to Inbound and Outbound rules. So you have to create overall 8 rules. 4 Inbound rule and 4 Outbound rule.

Add Hamachi to inbound and outbound rules
New firewall rule

4. Select Program and hit Next.

Select program and hit next in the New Outbound Rule Wizard

5. Find your Hamachi installation dir and executables.

Click next again in the New Outbound Rule Wizard

6. Select Allow the connection.

Allow the connection and hit next in the New Outbound Rule Wizard

7. Keep everything default (selected).

Hit next in the New Outbound Rule Wizard

8. Give unique names to your rules. Example Hamachi, Hamachi x64, Hamachi Guardian, Hamachi Guardian x64

New firewall rule

Port forwarding for Hamachi

If you do not have public IP and your PC is behind NAT you have to apply port forwarding settings to your modem/router. How to do port forwarding to your modem/router depends what model you have.

Server Connectivity
TCP 12975 (initiator port)
TCP 32976 (session port)

If the above ports cannot be used to achieve a connection, Hamachi will try again using
TCP 443 (SSL)

Peer Connectivity
If UDP direct connectivity cannot be established, Hamachi will try to initiate a relayed UDP connection. This is done with the target of:
UDP 17771 (relay connection port)

If Hamachi won't start

1. Hit start menu icon and write services and click Services.

Services in Windows 10 start menu

2. Find LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine, right-click it and select Start.

LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine in Services


Uncle - April 30, 2020
What about Radmin VPN ?
Simon - April 25, 2020
When checking Get-NetIPInterface in Windows PowerShell my computer doesn't see Hamachi at all. I did everything step by step like here. Any idea?
Wiretuts - April 27, 2020
Do you even see Hamachi in Network Connections in control panel?
Simon - April 27, 2020
I see Hamachi in Network Connections, it has IPv4 adress as should. When I connect with friend we can chat in Hamachi, but pinging doesn't work. Hamachi works as private network. Tried also adding all 4 Hamachi executables to Inbound and Outbound rules. Generally did everything like in this tutorial, except checking port forwarding.
George - August 22, 2019
Completed and best tutorial! saves me time! Just need to send this page to my friends! :D
But now it's easier to use Softether with free public servers and it can punch through NAT!
Chase - August 20, 2019
do my friends have to go through all this too? or just me the host? Doing this for Arma 3.
Wiretuts - August 20, 2019
You can try it. It can vary on different games. In some games you have really weird problems, that some people can join and others cannot see your game at all, but you will get less these problems if everybody has the same configs.
Chase - August 22, 2019
ok thanks man