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Playing HoMM 3 Complete (GOG) HD+ over internet with Gameranger

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Play Homm3 complete gog hd over internet

How to play Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete (GOG) with HD+ mod over internet with Gameranger. First things first; GOG's HoMM3 Complete isn't same game as Steam's HoMM3 HD Edition. Version on Steam is official HD remake from 2015 and version on GOG is the original with expansion packs from 1999. In this tutorial we are going to install free non-official fan made HD addon to GOG's HoMM 3 and make it work with GameRanger, so you can play the game with friends over internet.


1. First you need to buy and install Heroes of Might and Magic 3 from GOG - https://www.gog.com/game/heroes_of_might_and_magic_3_complete_edition

Add Homm3 to cart on GOG

2. Download HoMM 3 HD+ extension from https://sites.google.com/site/heroes3hd/eng/download

Download HoMM3 HD

3. Start HoMM3_HD_Latest_setup.exe after the download is complete.

HoMM3 HD setup file

4. Browse your preferred installation directory.

HoMM3 HD RC 5.0 installer step 1

5. Hit next.

HoMM3 HD RC 5.0 installer step 2

6. And next.

HoMM3 HD RC 5.0 installer step 3

7. Check Launch HoMM3 HD and hit Finish.

HoMM3 HD RC 5.0 installer step 4

8. Make your changes if you need to and click Create HD exe.

HoMM3 HD launcher

9. Right click Heroes3.exe in HOMM3 installation directory and rename it to something like Heroes3_backup.exe. We are saving HD executable as Heroes3.exe, so it's good manner to backup the original rather than overwrite it.

Rename Heroes3.exe as Heroes3_backup.exe

10. After you have renamed the original HoMM3 executable, save the HD executable as Heroes3.exe.

Save HD as Heroes3.exe

11. If you haven't installed GameRanger yet - https://wiretuts.com/playing-old-lan-games-over-internet-with-gameranger/

12. Start GameRanger and go to Edit -> Options.

GameRanger game options

13. Check that GameRanger has found your Heroes of Might and Magic 3 executable and location is pointing to Heroes3.exe.

GameRanger games

Notice: All the players have to setup the HoMM 3 in the same way. If someone hasn't installed HD mod, they cannot join to HD game. If all the other players have untouched GOG version of HoMM3, but you have the HD mod installed, you cannot join to game. Remember that you have the original untouched executable, so if you need to play the original version without mod, you just rename the Heroes3_backup.exe as Heroes3.exe.


Etienne Tonnelier - November 30, 2020
Thank you so much !
Small update : It seems that the "Create HD exe button" at step 8 now creates a file "Heroes3 HD.exe".
Then you have to manually go to your game folder and rename :
Firstly : "Heroes3.exe" -> "Heroes3_backup.exe"
Secondly "Heroes3 HD.exe" -> "Heroes3.exe"