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How to use x360ce emulator with PC games

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Use x360ce emulator with PC games

This tutorial shows how to use x360ce emulator with any PC game and in this tutorial we use Steam game Mortal Kombat X and Logitech Rumblepad 2. x360ce is Xbox 360 Controller Emulator and it allows your controller (gamepad, joystick, wheel, etc.) to function as an Xbox 360 controller.

1. Download x360ce zip file. You have to select 32bit or 64bit version for your game. If you don't know is your game 32 or 64bit, i suggest that you download 64bit version for newer games and 32bit for older games. But it isn't that dangerous if you download wrong version cause x360ce informs you if you need to download different version.

2. First we have to find where your game is installed and where game executable is located. In Steam you can find it easily when you right click your game name and select Properties.

Mortal Kombat X properties in Steam

3. Select Local files -tab and Browse local files.

Browse Local Files button in Steam

4. Find folder that contains your game executable. In this case it located in Binaries/Retail. Extract your x360ce ZIP file inside that folder.

Mortal Kombat X installation directory

5. Right click x360ce exe and select Run as administrator.

x360ce executable

6. X360 Controller Emulator will throw warning "xinput 1_3.dll was not found. This file is required for emulator to function properly.". Click Create.

7. Now x360ce informs that it has detected new device, and i suggest that you just hit Next, so it search settings from internet.

New Device Detected -dialog in x360ce

8. Click Finish.

New Device Detected -dialog in x360ce

9. After that i always hit Auto cause couple of times it didn't automatically fill all buttons.

Auto button in x360ce

10. Click Yes.

Auto Controller Settings in x360ce

11. Click Save.

Save button in x360ce

And that's that! Now you can normally launch your game from your desktop or from Steam and x360ce emulator will start automatically, and you can use your controller. If this tutorial helped you or you had any problems, please comment below.


bibhas - June 2, 2019
I HAVE GOT A serious problem .''Unhandled exception has occurred in your application.If you click Continue, the...........'' just like this what can i do now please anybody help...!!
[GD] DukeDragon28 - January 28, 2019
Ok Im trying to get this to work with a non-steam game (Retroarch Emulator) and when I try to sync settings it says that the "XInput files are for a different processor architecture". Any idea what that means?
Wiretuts - February 1, 2019
I think that it is 32 / 64bit issue. There is x360ce for 32bit games and 64bit games, so start by trying 32bit and if that doesn't work, then test 64bit version.
Jatin Agarwal - May 13, 2018
please help me. my x360ce emulator isn't searching online settings in windows 8.1?
Tadas Čižauskas - February 1, 2018
dunno if dis is still active but im having problems with dark souls 3. it used to work preoperly before but now seemingly everything work normaly but if i turn on the game its same fucking gay shit i have seen like a year ago when i didnt knew this egzisted,
(sorry for the profanity)
Wiretuts - February 2, 2018
This was probably the best message in 2018. Did you remember to run it as Administrator?
Tadas Čižauskas - February 2, 2018
yeds, i did. The window would open up adn everything, everything seems configured and working. but when i actually turn on a game controler doesnt work.
p.s. thanks for responce
Terra_Watt - December 29, 2017
Thank you! This was really helpful!
Martin O'Donnell - September 30, 2017
Thanks so much. It worked exactly as you described, I wondered how to run the thing
Concrik - August 21, 2017
For some reason, the 32bit version doesn't seem to work properly.
For NO MAN'S SKY on Windows 7 x64, using the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X, can confirm this works (Aug 19 2017), but you have to copy the .dll file THREE TIMES (not more, not less), and then rename them as follows:xinput1_1.dll
xinput9_1_0.dllI know this because I picked it up on another forum, tested it, and thought I would share it here. Seems like there are different things that work for different people, this is what worked for me for the game in question.
Then it takes a little thought and work to get the controls set the way you like them in the game options menu. I'm still cruising around the galaxy all alone and afraid, BUT at least I have a joystick and it feels like a real spaceship. :D
Edirley Guimarães - July 3, 2017
The file x360cex64 is not working, I can´t open it.
Pedro Ferreira - January 31, 2017
Does not work.
FatheredPuma81 - February 11, 2017
If I were to guess it's probably fake...
Pedro Ferreira - February 11, 2017
I can get it to read my controller but when I move the dll files and emulator into the correct folder it doesn't work.
FatheredPuma81 - February 12, 2017
Pedro Ferreira - February 12, 2017
The problem I have is the left and right triggers not working properly. The controls are switched so when I move left or right on either trigger I go forwards or backwards. It wouldn't be a problem if I could go left or right. Not sure what to do about this?
Joe Turner - June 16, 2017
please let me know if you figure it out, having the same problem
Pedro Ferreira - June 16, 2017
I can't quite remember what I did to get it working in the end.UPDATE: The last page shows my solution, not that it makes sense to me now as I've not used the game for a while. Please feel free to spread the word that I'm a nice person, (wink)
Horny Football - January 27, 2017
Hi, after going through similar pages without much success i'm happy to say yours was the one that worked. Thanks a million
Wiretuts - February 4, 2017
I'm glad that it helped!
Kelvin Nivlek - January 21, 2017
I have tried but step 7 doesn't appear
thcfreak666 . - December 17, 2016
Don´t work. Appcrash at all. Epic fail. Beye beye
Ugyen Samdrup Dorji - September 30, 2016
help me pleaseeeee. i tried everything doesnt work. the game is yaiba ninja gaiden z. everything seems to work outside the game. but im getting no response inside of the game. ive been looking everywhere youre my last hope please helppppp
Didint work for me for nba2k17. plz help. bought this game and still not playing.did everyting right.
WILLYS - October 6, 2016
buy a xbox 360 controller,it works nice for me.
thcfreak666 . - December 17, 2016
Buy a brain and shut up your mouth. Idiot!
Kuldeep Singh - August 14, 2016
I follow all step ....as you mention.....but it show an error.....that MSVCP120.dll is missing.....what is the solution for that...help me
Roberto Carrizo - August 21, 2016
install microsoft visual redist
lunawolve - July 4, 2016
I am sure many people dont stop by to say it, but I will do it for them. Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this guide, its been really helpful. Now I can enjoy old mirror edge after a nice steam summer sale purchase. :-)
Wiretuts - July 4, 2016
No problem and glad you wrote! I have created all these tutorials cause i don't want to forget how i solved all these problems. Just couple of days ago i had to reset my router and i noticed that Wifi was extremely slow, and i remembered that i wrote fix to it in my own website :D
Laura Morris - April 30, 2016
I can't get this to work with Elder Scrolls Online
Roberto Carrizo - April 1, 2016
when i execute the game i didn't hear any beep and during game not work,but yes work in the interface
Wiretuts - April 1, 2016
In what game you are trying to get this work? And double check that your files are copied where game executable's are.
Roberto Carrizo - April 1, 2016
yes i copy all files as you do xinput1_3.dll and x360ce.ini and x360ce.exe,to the game exe folder,but no response,the game is a boy and his blob
Wiretuts - April 4, 2016
Try this: Delete all those 3 files from Boy and His Blob folder. And download latest x64 package http://www.x360ce.com/Files/x360ce_x64.zip . Extract that to Boy and his blob folder that contains executable files.So there is only x360ce_x64.exe file with game files. Then start x360ce_x64.exe with right clicking it and select Run As Administrator, and it will create all needed files. If game is 32bit, it will inform you that you have to download 32bit version of x360ce.
Roberto Carrizo - April 7, 2016
exactly,when i run as admin the x360ce,exe,a warning appears,it says,architecture not correspond,this is a game with 32-bit architecture,you are running a 64-bit application,what means this??
Wiretuts - April 7, 2016
That means what it says it means. You have to download this http://www.x360ce.com/Files/x360ce.zip .

Extract that to game folder and start x360ce by right clicking it. If your game is 32bit you have to run 32bit x360ce.
Roberto Carrizo - April 8, 2016
thanks man,you helped me,now works,very appreciated
Roberto Carrizo - April 1, 2016
also tried again but the game crashed,not response