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How to get games to work with Hamachi on Windows 10

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Get games to work with Hamachi

And now it's here! How to get games to work with Hamachi on Windows 10! Hamachi doesn’t work? You can’t ping your friends? Some of your friends can see your game, but some don’t? We’ve had all of those mentioned problems, and we managed to get all work with these steps.

This is the third article in the series How to get games work with Hamachi and there hasn't been lot change since last article. One of the biggest change is that LogMeIn is killing free subscription, and it is happening this month. So in the future you have to buy subscription that costs 29usd / year if you want to use Hamachi, and it is thing that is moving people to use Tunngle. But let's cut to chase and show how you get things work in year 2016.

Check out updated article - https://wiretuts.com/playing-old-lan-games-over-internet-using-hamachi-in-2019/

Creating Hamachi network and installing application

1. Go to https://secure.logmein.com/ and navigate to Products -> LogMeIn Hamachi.


2. Click Try it Free.

Hamachi website

3. Create account or log in if you have account.

Hamachi website sign up page

4. Go to My Networks and click Add Clients.

Hamachi website - My Networks page

5. Click Continue and yout Hamachi download should start.

Hamachi website - Add Client page

6. Go toMy Networks and click Create Networks.

Hamachi website - Create Networks button

7. Write some network name, select Mesh and click Continue.

Hamachi website - Network type and name

8. Select Accept automatically and A password is required. At this time when i'm writing this, there is still option for Free subscription, but LogMeIn has informed that it is ending on this month (January 2016), so your only option can be to buy sub.

Hamachi website - Network password

9. Hit Finish.

Hamachi website - Finish page

10. Copy network id to notepad or write it down to paper. This is the ID where you all are connecting.

Hamachi website - Edit Network page

11. Hamachi pages are very slow at times so it is possible that your download hasn't completed yet, so grab a coffee and wait if download isn't complete, but when it finishes -> start hamachi.msi.

Hamachi installer

12. Exit Hamachi.

Hamachi program - Exit button

13. Find Hamachi icon from task bar, right click it, and select Exit.

Hamachi program - Exit button

Hamachi adapter tweaks

14. Open startup menu and write network and select Network and Sharing center.

Network and Sharing Center in Windows start menu

15. Click Change adapter settings from left side.

Windows 10 - Network and Sharing Center - Change adapter settings link.

16. If you don't have this menu on top, hit Alt key from keyboard and it appears. Click Advanced -> Advanced Settings.

Windows 10 - Network Connections - Advanced Settings

17. Select Hamachi from list and move it up with up arrow, and do same thing to both Internet Protocol Version 4 on Bindings for Hamachi -list and hit Ok.

Windows 10 Advanced Settings for Network connection

18. Right-click Hamachi on network connections and select Properties.

Hamachi network adapter properties

19. Uncheck IPv6.

Hamachi network adapter properties

Joining into Hamachi network

20. Start Hamachi.

LogMeIn Hamachi desktop icon

21. Hit Power icon.

Hamachi power button

22. Log in with same account that you used in LogMeIn website.

Hamachi Log in page

23. Hit Join an existing network.

Hamachi - Join an existing network button

24. This is the point where you need that Network ID and password what you created earlier in LogMeIn website. After you have write them, click Join.

Hamachi - Join Network dialog

25. Aaaand there you have it! You are now connected to your Hamachi network.

Hamachi - Connected in network

Some people may think that "So should all players do these all steps?" and the answer is no. It is enough if one is doing all these steps and other players has to do all steps but no network creation steps. Player who made network, gives ID and password to other players.

Problem situations

Can't see or connect game server that is hosted on Hamachi network

1. Go toNetwork and Sharing center.

Network and Sharing Center in Windows start menu

2. Right click Hamachi -adapter and select Properties.

Hamachi network adapter properties

3. Select IPv4 and click Properties.

Hamachi network adapter properties

4. Select Advanced.

Hamachi network adapter IPv4 properties

5. Uncheck Automatic metric and change Interface metric to 1and hit Ok.

Hamachi adapter automatir metric settings

Remember that you have to reset your adapter, so close your Hamachi completely and start it again, or if you want to be sure, you can just reboot computer.

Hamachi won't start

1. Hit start menu icon and write services and click Services.

Services in Windows 10 start menu

2. Find LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine, right-click it and select Start.

LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine in Services


Branimir Tretinjak - May 27, 2019
One qustion for author... When i set my Hamachi network and all steps u wrote down, ill be still connected on my internet connection but hamachi network will work in same time? Thanks for great article and hopefuly for answer
Wiretuts - May 28, 2019
Thats right. You are connected to internet at the same time. But i suggest that you look in to latest version of this article. There has been couple of changes in Win 10 after this article. "https://wiretuts.com/playing-old-lan-games-over-internet-using-hamachi-in-2019
Erwin Anciano - January 9, 2019
This worked like a charm. Perfect. Windows 10 screwed with my Hamachi but you made it work again
Wiretuts - January 20, 2019
No problem bro!
Francis - January 18, 2017
I can't do the step 17. I do not see all the connection like youre picture. I use to before the windows 10 upgrade but now i don't. do you have any idea ?
Kristian Jakobsen - February 8, 2017
i have the same problem, fixed it somehow?
mantiss - February 23, 2017
I also have the same problem, don't get Binding and Adapter tab.