How to fix no sound problem in Steam games


You may run into “no sound” -problem in Steam games, and it can be easily fixed. Its possible that you haven’t had any problems with any other game, but there is that one or two games that doesn’t have sound at all. One game that have had this issue is Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. Before you try anything too hard, please try this easy trick!



Run Steam as administrator

1. If you have Steam -icon on your desktop right-click it. You can click straight away Run as Administrator or go to Properties and make Steam always run as administrator.



2. Click Compatibility, check Run this program as an administrator and click Ok.




3. If you didn’t have Steam icon on your desktop you can open your startup menu, and write steamright click Steam icon and select Run as administrator. Other option is to select Open file location and do steps described above to make Steam always start as administrator.



Run problematic game as administrator

1. Open up Steam Library in front of you and find your problematic game on the list. When you have found it, right click it, and select Properties.



2. Click Local Files -tab and from there Browse local files.




3. Find game executable and right click it and select Properties.



4. Open Compatibility -tab, select Run as administrator, and click Ok.



And there you have it! Tell me in  comment section if this easy trick saved you from a lot of hassle.


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  • backwoodsMT

    I tried this with Skyrim and it did not work. You also don’t mention that Steam gives a warning that it may not run properly in compatibility mode.

    • JamieWiretuts

      That’s strange cause i didn’t notice that kind of warning. It is possible that i have missed it. But shame that this didn’t fix your problem. If you find solution to your problem and it isn’t game specific, please write your solution here.

      • backwoodsMT

        Not sure why this worked, but I found that if I ran the game in windowed mode the sound was available. I then quit, and started the game in full-screen mode and I had sound. I did this for each game that wasn’t working properly and the sound was available.

        • JamieWiretuts

          Well that was strange fix for sure! I thought that the text continues like “Then i threw couple of tea spoons salt over my shoulders and listened Sandstorm backwards and suddenly all worked”.

          • backwoodsMT

            Ha! That strangely would have made more sense. Seems like there are several “fixes” out there for this problem but not all of them work for everyone. I am just relieved I do not have to return my new system. Have a great day!

        • Adam Green

          Had a go at this method too but also no joy! Thanks for sharing though.

          Seems to be no rhyme nor reason to this issue; it all seemed to start for me after an AVG update but likely this was coincidence.

  • Deanight17

    ALSO! because this happened to me, if you use a steam controller (like me) or any controller, UPDATE IT!! because this was preventing sounds from steam, steam games, and even FIREFOX!! The most irrelevant thing, was the main problem!

    • JamieWiretuts

      Hey! Big thanks for sharing this info.

    • grant

      How do you update your controller

  • Philipp Schnabel

    Omg!!!! Mate ty very much!! My sound at south park and the forest werent working but you showed me how to do it… ty very much for show us this!! (sry for my english i am german)

  • Adam Green

    Had a bash with this method but no joy. I’ve only discovered two of my Steam games with failed sound so far; Half Life 2 and Plague Inc.

    Oh well…

  • Adam Green

    No need to respond to my two postings; I solved it. I’m guessing a Steam update changed something but ultimately I just had to log out of Steam and then log back in. Sound works on all my games now. Hurrah!

  • Marty Blois

    There is no compatibility tab on mine. Fuck PC gaming is such a chore.

  • D YellowMadness

    Oh my god, this actually worked for me! I’ve had this problem for over a year & it’s gone now! I can’t express my thanks enough.

  • PikaPika Gamer

    Thank you! This worked for me 😀 Thanks sooo much!

  • Kaizen

    it didnt do shit


    Made things worse, much worse. Be careful…this isn’t a good thing for everyone.

  • Cheng Yan

    Fixed the sound problem of Eternal Card Game for me. Thank you!

  • Paul Christian Prieto

    If it doesn’t work try to install these VC redist. especially 2008 and 2010!
    hope it helps.

    I have no sounds in my games but there are sounds in my system and other apps. I think this VCredist is specially for games.