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How to fix no sound problem in Steam games

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You may run into "no sound" -problem in Steam games, and it can be easily fixed. Its possible that you haven't had any problems with any other game, but there is that one or two games that doesn't have sound at all. One game that have had this issue is Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. Before you try anything too hard, please try this easy trick!

Run Steam as administrator

1. If you have Steam -icon on your desktop right-click it. You can click straight away Run as Administrator or go to Properties and make Steam always run as administrator.

Steam shortcut properties link

2. Click Compatibility, check Run this program as an administrator and click Ok.

Steam executable compatibility settings

3. If you didn't have Steam icon on your desktop you can open your startup menu, and write steamright click Steam icon and select Run as administrator. Other option is to select Open file location and do steps described above to make Steam always start as administrator.

Steam on Windows 10 start menu

Run problematic game as administrator

1. Open up Steam Library in front of you and find your problematic game on the list. When you have found it, right click it, and select Properties.

Killing Floor 2 properties on Steam

2. Click Local Files -tab and from there Browse local files.

Browse Local Files button in Steam

3. Find game executable and right click it and select Properties.

Steam game properties link

4. Open Compatibility -tab, select Run as administrator, and click Ok.

Game compatibility settings

And there you have it! Tell me in  comment section if this easy trick saved you from a lot of hassle.


Rainer - June 17, 2019
I'm pretty late to the party but I just started having this problem recently I've tried some of the fixes but none of them worked for me. I also tried to do the fix listed in here but I couldn't find the game executable and so I'm back to square one. if anyone has any ideas that they can share with me that would be awesome.
Phil XD - May 25, 2019
Nicholda - April 14, 2019
Still no luck :(, tried all methods and all the ones in the comments
Peach1200 - December 29, 2018
it solved my problem with RiME, thank you! :)
sherknd - December 30, 2018
Peach1200 5++
Wiretuts - January 2, 2019
No prob man. Glad it helped :)
Kay Shamrock - November 15, 2018
I'm using the Linux beta that was recently made available for Chromebooks and I am having this issue. Your suggestions however did not help me, and if you can please direct me to something that can tell me how to get sound for my game on Linux (more specifically Debian 9) that would be much appreciated.
Gregory Folk - January 8, 2019
Linux on Chromebooks currently doesn't support any sound. It's being tracked in this cr bug https://crbug.com/781398
NeoN_Emberz - November 10, 2018
Id tried everything then i logged out of steam and it started working when i logged back in. Hope this helps.
No Name No Name - November 1, 2019
You are a life saver
Valeen Perez Mastriaco - August 29, 2018
Mi juego no tiene sonido, Todos los demas si, y la pc tambien. Pero tengo uno que no tiene sonido. Probe con todo, reinstale el juego, e intente instalar la ultima version de directx, Pero ya la tengo instalada. Tambien tengo todo actualizado (Controladores graficos, sonido, etc) Que puedo hacer..?
Paul Gorbas - July 31, 2018
The procedure did not fix anything for me.
Wiretuts - August 1, 2018
Yep. As you can see on comments, it doesn't help everyone. Its quite mystery.
frog for production - June 3, 2018
guys . I've discovered the answer . on the taskbar menu - right click on sound icon - choose volume mixer - you will find steam is mute just unmute it .
Isaacdotexe - December 4, 2019
Paul Christian Prieto - December 26, 2017
If it doesn't work try to install these VC redist. especially 2008 and 2010!

hope it helps.I have no sounds in my games but there are sounds in my system and other apps. I think this VCredist is specially for games.
Cheng Yan - November 16, 2017
Fixed the sound problem of Eternal Card Game for me. Thank you!
PikaPika Gamer - July 23, 2017
Thank you! This worked for me :D Thanks sooo much!
D YellowMadness - December 15, 2016
It worked once but, after turning the game off, it doesn't work anymore.Edit: I seem to have fixed it with an alternate method. I was looking through my computer's display settings & I saw that my TV's refresh rate was set to 59 hertz so I changed it to 60 so it would match my game's refresh rate. This solved the problem &, at least, 2 other problems.
X_Robert - October 25, 2016
There was no sound after installed the Windows 10 anniversary updates. This problem not just happened when I was playing games... Well, I could say totally no sound. Though not sure if this solution is also for Windows 10, I tried and it didn't work for me. The solutions from:https://goo.gl/PJo0nb tell me how to troubleshoot this issue in Windows 10 anniversary. I modified the speaker properties in Windows and updated the audio drivers. The speakers go back to work.
Marty Blois - September 17, 2016
There is no compatibility tab on mine. Fuck PC gaming is such a chore.
IkBen Cool - April 8, 2018
you probably right clicked the shortcut on your desktop and not actually the .exe file in the game folder
Adam Green - May 26, 2016
No need to respond to my two postings; I solved it. I'm guessing a Steam update changed something but ultimately I just had to log out of Steam and then log back in. Sound works on all my games now. Hurrah!
Adam Green - May 25, 2016
Had a bash with this method but no joy. I've only discovered three of my Steam games with failed sound so far; Half Life 2, Shogun 2 Total War and Plague Inc.Oh well...
Philipp Schnabel - May 17, 2016
Omg!!!! Mate ty very much!! My sound at south park and the forest werent working but you showed me how to do it... ty very much for show us this!! (sry for my english i am german)
Deanight17 - March 18, 2016
ALSO! because this happened to me, if you use a steam controller (like me) or any controller, UPDATE IT!! because this was preventing sounds from steam, steam games, and even FIREFOX!! The most irrelevant thing, was the main problem!
Wiretuts - March 19, 2016
Hey! Big thanks for sharing this info.
grant - April 14, 2017
How do you update your controller