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Connect Creality CR-6 SE to PC using USB cable

Connect Creality CR-6 SE to PC using USB cable.

In this tutorial i'm teaching you how to connect Creality CR-6 SE to PC using USB cable. Installation is easy because you only need right drivers and no further setup. When you have working connection between your computer and 3D printer, you can use slicer like Cura to print directly from software. Live monitoring allows you to see current progress and real temperatures of nozzle and build plate.

Connect your 3D printer to PC using USB-cable

CAUTION! Older CR-6 SE models had a problem that caused damage to the device that was connected to the printer using USB port. So before connecting your computer to your printer using USB cable, you want to read this: https://3dprintingspace.com/t/cr-6-se-usb-problems/82/9.

Install USB drivers for Creality CR-6 SE

1. First let's download USB drivers for Creality CR-6 SE. Visit this site and download CH341SER.zip: http://www.wch-ic.com/downloads/CH341SER_ZIP.html

Download CH341SER drivers.

2. Extract CH341SER.zip.

Extract CH341SER.zip package.

3. Right-click start menu and click Device Manager.

Right-click start menu and select device manager.

4. Click "USB Serial" in other devices and open Drivers tab and click Update Driver. You cannot see "USB Serial" if your printer isn't already connected to your PC with USB cable.

Double click

5. Select "Browse my computer for drivers".


6. Find the folder where you extracted content of CH341SER.zip and hit Next.

Select CH341SER folder.

7. Drivers are now successfully installed.

Windows has now installed CH340 drivers.

Check that everything works

Depending what program you are using, you might need the information what COM port your 3d printer is using. You can see that information from device manager.

You can see what port was assigned to printer from device manager.

If you now open Cura and Monitor -tab in it, you should see that Cura automatically detects your printer. You can now test that the serial connection works both ways by using Pre-heat -button, and then see if the temperature starts changing. If that is the case, then everything is working.

Start Cura and open Monitor to see that it connects to printer.


If this driver doesn't work with your printer, it is possible that your printer has different USB to serial chip which means that you need different drivers.


What about a problem with power from USB and from main power at the same time ? It is already solved at the last motherboard ? Thank you.
Wiretuts - November 20, 2021
I remember reading something about that long time ago, but i haven't had any problems. My motherboard is CR-ERA_V1.1.0.3
OK, thank you for your reply, it is a good info. I have the same motherboard. I will try USB connection according your instructions. Regards
Hi, I already make connection with my CR-6 SE, but UI is very poor. I can see only temperatures, times, can start heating and can send print file to printer. But during printing I cannot pause, stop or cancel printing and see nothing else. For me is better to control printer on it. Regards
andrew - October 9, 2021
i dont have a usb serial thing in device manager