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Battlefield 4 - Problems and how to solve them

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If you are here, you already know that Battlefield 4 Open BETA just started and not without problems. I have gathered most common problems here and how you can solve them.

03.12.2013 - China Rising & new client update starts to roll out

Origin downloading Battlefield 4 - China Rising

The upcoming PC game update will launch December 3, to coincide with the launch of the expansion pack Battlefield 4 China Rising for Premium members on all platforms. The game update will start to roll out at 1AM PST/10AM UTC Dec 3, followed by the actual China Rising content around 2AM PST/11AM UTC. You can expect some downtime around these times as servers are being prepared to support this new content.

The change list for this PC game update is the same as previously announced (see below.) As ususal, we will continue to iterate on stability and tweak the game based on your feedback. Stay tuned.

Dec 3 PC Game Update Notes

  • Removed the blur effect on soldiers that appeared when Commanders were using EMP attacks
  • Fixed the audio bug where audio sometimes randomly dropped out while playing on certain multiplayer maps (typically Golmud Railway and Hainan Resort)
  • Fixed the "one-hit kill bug" where occasionally damage from a single bullet was applied multiple times
  • Fixed a common crash that would occur when exiting from the Single Player Campaign to Main Menu
  • Tweaked the network and computer performance screen to show proper values. Players can now test their computer and network connection and get recommendations if they need to adjust something to improve their gameplay experience


Slow download fix - 14.11.2013

1. Open notepad and paste these lines there:

[Feature] CdnOverride=akamai

2. Save to your desktop as EACore.ini and restart your Origin and it will ask that do you want to use your custom ini from desktop. Select yes.

Origin - Custom ini

New client patch is live! - 14.11.2013

Battlefield 4 - Client update

As you can see, new client patch is now live! Download servers are quite full at the moment and my download speed is currently 30KB/sec... Let's see if this patch fixes most of the problems. Restart your origin if it doesn't start to download this update automatically.

Unexpected error, stopped working, game doesn't start

04.11.2013 - UPDATE Test these one by one to check if one of these was causing your problem.

  • Update your graphics drivers to latest beta, cause it fixes different kind of stability issues.
  • If you are running with SLI or CrossFire, then disable other cards so that you are using only one card.
  • Disable your antivirus / firewall software.
  • Start origin by right clicking it and select "Run as administrator".

ATI Radeon owners

UPDATE 30.10.2013

If you are having any kind of DirectX, graphics dll, game shutting down suddenly -errors, please download latest 13.11 BETA8 drivers from here -> http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/latest-catalyst-windows-beta.aspx.

If you are having any kind of DirectX, graphics dll, game shutting down suddenly -errors, please update to latest 13.10 BETA2 drivers. You can get them from here http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/AMDCatalyst13-10WINBetaDriver.aspx .

Nvidia GeForce owners

If you are having similiar errors as described earlier, please update to latest GeForce 331.40 BETA drivers. You can get them from here http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/67378 .

DirectX Error - Make sure you have a supported graphics card

If you get this error that says something like "DirectX function... Free virtual memory... Total resource memory... Make sure you have a supported graphics card with at least xxx MB". It speaks for it self: Your graphics card doesn't have enough memory to run with your settings. Lower your resolution or quality settings OR buy new card.

ERROR Game disconnected: your connection to the server timed out.

Your game runs couple of minutes or less and then it shuts down and this text comes to webpage. Sounds familiar? There is couple of things you can try. First of all, update your graphics drivers as i mentioned earlier.


There has been problems with Punkbuster and PB hasn't installed at all, OR it doesn't add Battlefield 4 automatically to PB's game list, OR PB couldn't download required files for Battlefield 4. So let's install PB manually.

1. Open this page http://websec.evenbalance.com/downloader/download.php?file=1and insert security code, and download latest Punkbuster for Windows. You can save the setup where ever you want but i suggest you to save it to Battlefield 4 folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4 Beta\" or so.

2. Right mouse click "pbsetup.exe" and select Run as administrator and follow the instructions.

3. You should see now "PBSetup v3.6". In my case it's totally empty. Click Add a Game and select Battlefield 4 from dropdown list. Click Add Game.

Punkbuster 3.6 steps to add Battlefield 4

4. Click Check for Updates.

Punkbuster 3.6 Battlefield 4 added

5. Now it should show you this Update in Progress window.

Punkbuster 3.6 updating Battlefield 4 files

6. If everything went as expected, you should see this, and you don't need to worry about Punkbuster anymore and you can skip extra steps.

Punkbuster 3.6 finished updating Battlefield 4 files

7. But if not... You will see something like this. If you received some error while updating PB, then go to next step.

Punkbuster 3.6 error when updating Battlefield 4 files

8. Download this RAR archive //wiretuts.com/downloads/punkbuster_files_for_battlefield_4_open_beta.rar , and extract it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4 Beta\  folder. Now you should have those files "manually installed" that punkbuster couldn't update for reason or two.

Connection behind NAT

UPDATE 04.11.2013

This is the reason why i got disconnected time after time after time after... My connection is behind NAT and my computer doesn't get own public IP address, and for some reason NAT blocks some of the traffic that Battlefield 4 server tries to send to my computer. So here are the ports that Battlefield 4 is using on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

If you are playing on PC, please enable the following online ports on your connection:
TCP: 80, 443, 9988, 20000-20100, 22990, 17502, 42127
UDP: 3659, 14000-14016, 22990-23006, 25200-25300

If you are playing on PS3, please enable the following online ports on your connection:
TCP: 80, 443, 9988, 10000-10100, 17502, 42127
UDP: 3659, 14000-14016

If you are playing on Xbox 360, please enable the following online ports on your connection:
TCP: 53, 88, 3074
UDP: 53, 88, 3074

If you don't know how to do port forwarding's, i can only say one thing. Go here - http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm . Portforward.com list's a lot of routers and tutorials how to do forwarding's.

Smart Port Forwarding

This is worth of try. Download this small application called "Smart Port Forwarding" by clicking this. Extract and install this application and start it by right clicking it and select Run As Administrator.

Smart Port Forwarding -application

1. Right click SPF -application and select Add New Forwarding Port.

Smart Port Forwarding -application

2. Add TCP listen on port 3659 to your local ip and port 80. Do the same thing and select UDP port. Check that both forwarding's are in "Running: Yes" -state. Remember to check what your local ip is! In this image my local ip is You have to go to command prompt (cmd -> ipconfig) or check your ip from network connections -> Local area connection.

If anything above didn't help

Throw your NAT away and change your connection to Bridged only. You will lose your LAN, but this is one way to check if your router is causing your disconnects. I didn't have need for LAN at the moment, so i changed to bridged mode and all problems disappeared.

FPS drops / lag / stutter

One thing that is worth of try is to create new file called user.cfg and copy all content below to that file.

  • GameTime.MaxVariableFps 60
  • PerfOverlay.DrawFps 1
  • PostProcess.DynamicAOEnable 0
  • RenderDevice.Dx11Enable 0
  • RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1
  • RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0
  • WorldRender.DxDeferredCsPathEnable 0
  • WorldRender.FxaaEnable 0
  • WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0
  • WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapEnable 0
  • WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapResolution 256
  • WorldRender.TransparencyShadowmapsEnable 0

Save file to BF4 root folder C:\Prog1ram Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4 Beta\

RESTRICTION: Corrupted File/Memory [81495]

1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to get to the Task Manager. Open Services tab. Locate PnkBstrB service and as you can see, it's in stopped state. Right mouse click that and press Start Service. See if your problem is gone, if it's not, continue to next step.

Windows Task Manager punkbuster services

2. Locate Battlefield 4 folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4 Beta\ and right mouse click pbsvc.exe and click Run as Administrator. Hit Test Services.

Punkbuster - Service setup

3. You should see that test is running.

Punkbuster - Services test

4. If you have any kind of errors here, please go to step 1 and Install/Reinstall Punkbuster service, and after that go again to Task Manager -> Services and start Punkbuster services if those are in Stopped state.

Punkbuster - Services test completed without errors

There Is No Disk in the Drive -error

If you are experiencing this problem, here is one solution.

1. Open Windows registry editor. It's quickest if you write regedit to start menu's search and hit enter.

Windows registry editor

2. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ControlWindows\  and open ErrorMode and change value to 2. Try to play now. If it doesn't work, reboot your system and try again.

Windows registry editor change error mode to 2

If you have any questions or you have another problems and solutions for them, please write a comment and let's continue there.


Mosap Alpoker - October 16, 2016
i used to play bf4 perfectly on my laptop .....but one day the laptop stopped charging and so i take the lap to electric shop and fixed the problem ....but after that the bf4 stoped work as usuall ....what could be the problem .......sry if my english not that good
Eduardo Molina - June 10, 2016
what if battlefield won't show up in nvidia geforce...i can only start it with origin...i have it installed on E: not C:
Mr Brandon Cutts - June 4, 2016
Every time i try to join a game it sends me back to the ps3 home screen
Hema Lotfy - August 15, 2015
and still not working
wali sediqi - March 1, 2015
Hello Please Help me i biught a Game BF4 it Have 5 DVD, Needs to extract one by other and in 5th DVD when it needs to create installation gives error bellow PLease send send me solve if u know it
Cannot create Setup-2.binCannot create Redist\DirectX\dxsetup.exeCannot create Redist\vcredist_x64.exeCannot create Redist\vcredist_x86.exeCannot create autorun.infCannot create dotNetFx45_Full_setup.exeCannot create folder Redist\DirectXCannot create folder Redist
Michael Skjold Petersen - January 19, 2015
hvordan spiller man battlefield 4 premium single player kan kun spille multiplayer ?...how do I play battlefield 4 premium single player I can only play multiplayer ?...
Michael Skjold Petersen - January 19, 2015
ved ikke om det virker kan bare ikke finde udad og starte nogle af udvidelses pakkerne op I singleplayer.do not know if it works, i just can not figure out how to start the expansion packs up in single player .
Syed Gouhar - December 5, 2014
I downloaded whole game still it asks for updating every time i run it but when i run update it finishes in seconds and start asking for update again same thing happen with battlelog too
Syed Gouhar - December 5, 2014
I downloaded app. 22 gb bf4 it got installed completely then it asked for update so i did it but then it completed instantly and asked for update again same thing happen with battlelog it asks for installing patch while already game is app 27 gb and update never starts
Spencer - November 30, 2014
I get 2 fps online but in test ranger i get 60? what is wrongpc specs
gtx 770 4gb overclocked
intel I7 2500k
intel mother board
650w power supply
JoshOakley - November 15, 2014
Hey guys! Quick question, i've installed BF4 with no problem, i start the game and the home screen is fine but as soon as i start campaign or the test range the graphics are really laggy so bad that you phycially carnt play the game, you can just about make it out the weapon and the environment! Im running it on windows 8 with radeon graphics card so eveythings updated and chekcs out and ive tried everything? Any ideas much appreciated! Thanks
Dylan de Baets - August 31, 2014
if i start my game it says ; could not join server , server is not there anymore
SnipXBo2 - August 11, 2014
Plzzz help me out im having some ridiculous FPS drop iv tried the suggestions but it still dosent work help me out plzzz :(
Akib Jawad Ononto - August 7, 2014
Whenever I start battlefield 4 campaign the screen becomes blury.......plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help
Tibo Claeys - June 28, 2014
when my game is done updating it pauses by itself. if i click resume download it pauses itself again and again and again... what do i do?
Saikat - June 10, 2014
i am having white screen error ri8 from my first mission, baku!, its a samsung 350v5c with dedicated 2gb graphics of ati radeon???? any idea??????
Mikołaj Czechowicz - June 7, 2014
I have done everything that was possible/applicable for me, from this guide. The game still doesnt work, although I get no more error messages in the battlelog...
Saurabh Agrawal - March 2, 2014
I am getting this error, please help me, i have switchable graphics AMD HD 7400M series and my CPU Intel Core i3 with clock speed of 2.1 GHz.
trololswagger - March 1, 2014
the battlelog says that i have to patch the game to play it. how to i patch it????????
Homieto - February 19, 2014
So, does NOONE in this bloody world have a solution to the rubberbanding problem? I'm losing like 25 packages in-game, whilst in any other modern shooter/game I have absolutely NO problems. My internet connection is solid 70 mbps. Please, for the love of everything someone help me..
Zarko Mladenovic - February 2, 2014
Rubberbanding fix???
Ritwik Prasad - December 30, 2013
When i launch the game and try to get it to fullscreen the screen goes blank and the mouse pointer shows up blinking. Then the display driver fails even though its the latest version. If i play in windowed version as i start the campaign after 2 min it crashes or the pc hangs
Amd fx8320 8 core cpu
Galaxy nvidia geforce gtx 650 ti
8gb sram
2gb vram
Gigabyte 3 pci mobo (don't remember the name)
450w psu
Windows 7ultimate 64 bit
Ritwik Prasad - December 30, 2013
BTW the crash or hang thing happens in every gamemode even testrange it should work with this rig
every time i try to join a server i get this error

ERRORGame disconnected: could not join server.
John MG Anderson - December 27, 2013
I can't play BF4 as it won't recognise the single player disc on the first time of playing - any help?
how do i fix this error ?????
help me to fix this error plss
Ever since I bought the game a few days ago I get an error variation not mentioned in your guide. I can't access any of the online portions of the game (not even test range!). After it tries to log in from the battlelog in my browser, I get this error message at the bottom of the screen: "You were disconnected from EA Online [1]".There are only two ways I have managed to get around this problem: Use a VPN service OR completely disable the firewall in my router. Without changing anything else it then logs in to any BF4 server without problem. Although, VPN is of course too slow for playing and a completely disabled firewall not an acceptable solution security wise.Opening all the TCP and UDP ports mentioned here for outgoing traffic seems like it's somehow not enough.Do you have any suggestions on what I could try?In any case, thanks for producing such a thorough guide!
Wiretuts - December 18, 2013
Can you try this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh7ayrsynr0 and tell me if it works. I'm currently making small improvements to upcoming site layout, and after that i will update this article and add new tips and tricks.
Thanks, but I'm sorry to report that none of those tricks helped in my case. As it works instantly by switching on a VPN service (Hide My Ass) I find it difficult to believe this would be any sort of Windows settings issue.I visited the punkbuster website and found mentiones of UDP ports 27890 and 24300-24399, so I opened those as well. Still no dice I'm afraid. Not that I've seen any error message especially about punkbuster to begin with.If I understand my router/firewall correctly, disabling the Firewall completely is essentially the same as opening ALL TCP/UDP ports? As that makes it work there must be some ports that still need to be opened for this to work.The question is how to find out which ones? I've tried monitoring outgoing traffic with a ports scanner application, but so far I haven't managed to detect any new and unusual ports when BF attempts to login.This issue is most perplexing and, as a sidenote, I've seen quite a few people on the EA help forums mention that they used to be able to play just fine, but after one of the more recent updates they get the same error I am seeing.
every time i tray to open bf4 it asks for msvcp11
0.dll what dooes thet men
John Preston - December 14, 2013
hi, only problem on PC is, after 20-30 minuets of game play BF4 will crash out to BL with the Error Could not join server, even though i have just been playing on that server for 20-30 minuets. any idea what it might be?
I am having the same problem. Did everything the admin suggested above except changing to 'bridged' mode (cause I don't want to lose my LAN). This only happened after I updated the game to the most recent version (Dec. 20)
Hayden Livingstone - December 13, 2013
Had problems with battlelog not recognising that i had in fact updated the plugin. Now that it's all sorted out i've run into an issue where, even when i update bf4, it says that i haven't on battlelog. If i'm having this many problems before i can even open the game, i am worried as hell about actually playing...
Eriky Flores - December 10, 2013
wt can i do about this?
I had the same problem and I did what's explain in the video and it works then:
Leo Martignoni - December 7, 2013
Any idea as to how I can get to the video adjustment area in BF4's options menu? My area is grayed out and I get a message that this is not available on 32-bit systems, but I am running BF 4 on a 64-bit windows 7 system. Spent hours on chat with EA (non) help, but could not resolve the issue.
I just bought a new graphic card GeForce GTX 770 and now I can't join any server. Says joining server but nothing happens, can't even start the campaign.
Have update the drivers, reinstalled the plug. No idea what to do next.
Was able to play just fine before with my GeForce GTX 570.
Would be awesome if someone could help me out.
Problem solved with an re-installation of Battlefield 4.
Ahmed Etman - December 4, 2013
I am having this problem tried every single thing on the internet and still getting it
Wiretuts - December 4, 2013
There has been couple of solutions for this. One is to underclock slightly your card with software. Second is to remove drivers completely with Driver Cleaner and install latest beta drivers.
Bohlareon - December 4, 2013
Hi Wiretuts, great article and a great source to put it all together. Here is an issue I don't see on there yet but have seen it pop up with not only me, but a few other folks as well.Over the past weekend I bought two copies of Battlefield 4, one for me, one for my wife (I took advantage of it being ridiculously cheap on Origin for Black Friday). We have it installed on each of our respective PCs. It downloaded fine and plays fine on both, except when we join on each other on the same server. If I jump on a server, and she tries to join on me, she gets:"ERROR Game disconnected: your connection to the server timed out."I thought this was odd. I hopped out of the server and she tried joining it again and got in without an issue. When I tried to join in on her, I get the same error. I tried to join a different server and I got in just fine, and she continued to play on the other server just fine.When I get home from work I'm going to mess around more with what you provided under the
"Connection behind NAT" section you talk about. NAT makes the most sense out of anything I've seen that could be causing multiple computers on my network to not be able to join the same server.Besides what I will try above, do you have any other thoughts or opinions as to what the problem is? Thanks for your time!
Wiretuts - December 4, 2013
Let's do this test first. On both computers go to http://ifconfig.me/ and check what IP address it will give on both computers. You don't have to write that IP here, just tell me if it is same or different.
Bohlareon - December 4, 2013
Thanks for the quick reply, I'll be getting home in a few hours from work and I'll post my results. Thanks again!
Bohlareon - December 5, 2013
Hi again Jamie,Yep! With what you had in your article and by going to that site, I've confirmed all of my wired PCs are definitely all the same IP address to the outside world. Now I will have to figure out a way to disable NAT on my router. Excellent, thanks for your help! Hopefully this resolves the issue!On a side note, Battlefield nowadays is the only game series I play that gives me network problems, Guild Wars 2, any of the multitude of Steam Games, none of this ever happens.Thanks again!
Wiretuts - December 5, 2013
Yep, one option is to change your connection to bridged. Remember that often ISP offers X amount of public IP addresses (in my case 5) and if you have lot of devices connected to router, then lastly connected can't get IP:s. Second thing that you have to know is that when all your devices has public IP addresses, then all port scans, attacks etc. comes directly to your PC, so be sure that you are using some kind of internet security application to protect your PC.
Bohlareon - December 5, 2013
Thanks for the heads up, unfortunately having a hard time figuring this out. Router is Medialink MWN-WAPR300N. All of it's settings and advanced settings don't have anything for disabling the NAT or going into Bridge mode. I wrote a question on Amazon under the product and also submitted a question to their support staff so we'll see how it goes. Firmware update might fix it but it already looks up to date with what's on there. Thanks again!
Bohlareon - December 5, 2013
I wish I had some log files I could actually sift through to see what the ACTUAL conflict is. With what we've talked about, I'm almost certain the NAT, the fact all of my PCs are broadcasting the same IP address is what is causing the problem. I received a reply back from Medialink:"Well, I don't believe disabling NAT will help with this actually. The NAT is useful for all devices on the network, and the issue isn't with that but rather that each device you are gaming from is designed to use the same ports through the router's firewall, and the two streams are colliding.
What you'll need in order to game simultaneously like this from two devices on the same network is a router that supports port triggering, which your Medialink does not. As far as I know the device's can't be configured to use different ports, but it's maybe worth a look at some Battlefield forums in case anyone has come across a hot fix.
You could try bypassing the firewall entirely as a test to see if that helps, or connect one device to your router and one directly to your modem if your modem is a gateway/combo device. I'm not positive that would get around this limitation, but it might.
Sorry I can't help further, but I hope this is useful info!"I also have a D-Link DGL-4100 4-Port GamerLounge Broadband Gigabit Gaming Router that's not being used. I could hook that up to my Modem and put the Wireless Router as another connection to that Wired Router. This way I can check what NAT configurations are available and/or the port triggering mentioned from Medialink.Your thoughts?
Allah belanı Versin - December 4, 2013
I cant update my battlefield 4 , ı try unninstall and again install ı try update the game ı try EACore.ini
but no, I cant play !
Allah belanı Versin - December 4, 2013
please help me
iEclipse - November 27, 2013
I've got a strange problem that only seems to happen on one particular server (one that I happen to like a lot). For most of my servers, the blue bar appears and the bottom with "Joining Server" and the server name right below it. For this particular server, however, I only see the blue bar without a name or "Joining Server" like this: http://scr.hu/0tid/t3e8n
After a minute or so of loading, the game just closes after saying that I can't connect.
I have the same problem but on every server. The game in campaign mode has no problem, but each time I try to join a multiplayer server, the map is loading, and I get connected on the server for 30 sec then it shut down.
My computer is a new one windows 8 last ROG laptop computer, with Nvidia Geforce 670MX GTX and I did all you say in your 03/12/13 update, using punkbuster and Smart port Forwarding.
Hope you will find a solution for me, Thx
Wiretuts - December 4, 2013
I had this exact same problem when my connection was behind NAT. I made all port forwarding tricks but still every now and then it did that. I got annoyed by it and changed my connection to straight bridged and all those problems went away. I need to investigate more that if there is still some ports that have to be forwarded.
I'm not really aware of what NAT is, can you explain it to me?
Considering the port thing, I just did the 3659 thing on Smart port Forwarding, is there something else to do, open more port? Or do I need to change connection? I'm gonna have the optical fiber soon so it could be better? No more issue?
Wiretuts - December 4, 2013
I made this simple image. If your router is set to bridged, then all your devices will get public IP to internet. If i ping, that ping would go all the way straight to that PC. So i have straight bridged connection between.If router is set to NAT. Then only your router will get public ip, and if i ping again that same IP it would stop to that router. When those PC:s surf on internet, they all would have same public ip router is good, there is always firewall and all kind of attack blocks. Router won't let that kind of traffic through to your devices. But there is times when it blocks traffic that is acceptable. Then you have to connect to your router with browser. Router IP is something like or 2.1 or 11.1, it depends what model you have. There should be settings to "port forwarding". You have to add there port forwarding rules.Lets say that your router is set to NAT, and your local IP is Then you have to make rules that "If internet sends traffic on port 21222, 21515, 515...... you can route that kind of traffic to my computer on ip" and it doesn't block it anymore.If you don't know what to do. Install Team Viewer application and open that app and it will give your ID and password. Send those to me through Skype or to email, and i can remotely check your settings.
Cool, but my ip is So I will open all ports. When you say port "20000-20100" You mean create 100 forwarding port manually? from 20000 to 20100?
I tried to open those ports, just has before it works 30 sec and then the blue bar says "LEAVIN LEVEL" and this message appears on battlelog :
NO CONNECTIONBattlelog could not find an active game. Please make sure you are connected to the same local network or try the troubleshooting guide
Wiretuts - December 4, 2013
There should be option that you can open all ports between 20000 - 20100. So only one forwarding rule that opens all ports between.
I don't find this option on the software and no tip on the internet. If you have one...
Wiretuts - December 4, 2013
Can you tell me your modem/router exact model?
It's a French internet provider, bouygues telecom, modem called "bbox" you can check on their website.
I finally find what was my problem, it was about punkbuster here is the link where to find the answer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh7ayrsynr0
I didn't find that option on any suport or forum, if I have to create a rule, then I don't know how to do. I try to play with an eternet cable from the box to my computer and the problem still happen, does it mean anything?
Thx for your time dude
Literis - November 25, 2013
Game stops at 20% during install. Try to install VCredist 2012 manually tells me access denied even though I'm the owner of the BF4 folder and package catche. Any ideas of why I would get access denied? Also have UAC all the way down.
My game wont launch every time i try either to join a mp match or just campaing im playing with a laptop coreI5 Geforce 740m and 8 gb ram and the game wont launch it just crashes any help???
my game was playing fine then i changed the settings from windows to normal now it just goes into the game and all it does is get stuck between windows and the game and jitters and i can here the music play any ideas?
and this is in the loading menu
Bordorik - November 24, 2013
Hi, I have problem. When I run the game its ok but when I start the campain i cant see anything around me only sky. I have intel core i7 2,4GHz 4cores, 8GB RAM, Win 8 64bit, Nvidia GeForce 650 2GB.
Surat chand - November 21, 2013
Whenever i click on battlefield 4 ... it doesnot start ... i tired each everything from above article except Client patch because it is not downloading help !!! ???
Surat chand - November 21, 2013
i have windows 8 64 bit ...
PRAVEEN - November 21, 2013
BF4 has been stopped working in windows 8...... please help me
dharmendrajadon - November 17, 2013
Every time I starts my game, at first stage only the map appears rest becomes white and no proper graphics
Wiretuts - November 21, 2013
Sounds like graphic driver issue to me. What graphics card do you have?
William Alexander - November 16, 2013
Hi, I bought Battlefield 4 today. I got through the installation of the first disk without error. Once I inserted the second disk I found that it didn't read the disk at all on my pc, the same with my third disk once inserted. I tried your "no disk in drive" solution but my pc still won't see the 2nd and third disk. Do you have any other suggestions? It reads the first disk just fine.
Wiretuts - November 21, 2013
Did you solve this problem or are you still having it?
vish pathak - November 16, 2013
i love youuuuuuuu man <3 thank you soooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh my lord...........................
Wiretuts - November 21, 2013
Spread the love man!
David Doll - November 14, 2013
ok i alt tabbed the freezing was due to an direct x error i have 3gb of ram in my graphics card i should be able to run the game. idk what to do im getting really frustrated
Wiretuts - November 21, 2013
What are your system specs? Download Piriform Speccy and upload screenshot from your summary to here.
David Doll - November 14, 2013
i have windows 8 64 bit. i first had the battlefield 4 has stopped working issue. i fixed that buy disabling my intel HD graphics and running only my nvidia gtx 770m, now i can get to the loading screens, it will be working fine there for maybe a minute and then it will freeze. any ideas
Wiretuts - November 21, 2013
Did you solve this problem or did the last client update fix this?
kyle durbin - November 13, 2013
this update reset all of my online classes good job guys
Rohit Keswani - November 13, 2013
the only visible graphics in the game are graphics of the sky.. the map and the aim of the gun... i can hear d sound..
in the opening vdeo too i ws just able to see the lighting nothing else it was black out..
my graphics card amd 7670m .. plss help :(
Rohit Keswani - November 13, 2013
runnning on windows 8 64 bit... processor : i5 3210m
Wiretuts - November 13, 2013
Have you installed latest BETA drivers?
Rohit Keswani - November 14, 2013
screen shot of my game
screenshot of my game!
Jamie, you are doing a bang up job mate. Thank you for posting the Ports that Battlefield 4 uses.I do have one question which does not appear to be covered by your post except for "Error Game Disconnected". I can play for usually around 5 Minutes before being booted from the Server and give the message; "Error You Were disconnected from EA Online (1)"I've tried a number of things including turning off firewalls and anti-virus, written exceptions into them as well for BF4. I've also changed Channels on my Router in an attempt to improve my connection in the hopes that that was it but to no effect.This evening I'll be forwarding all the ports you have listed but is this the solution to that particular problem? Or is it a product of Battlefield's Release State?
Wiretuts - November 14, 2013
Thanks mate! I updated this article one minute ago and added one little trick that you can try. Check new section "Smart Port Forwarding". One thing to mention is, that new patch just came live, and it will fix lot's and lot's of bugs.
Leon Gan Lishen - November 11, 2013
My computer just can't detect Battlefield 4's Disc 2. My computer can detect Discs 1 & 3 just fine. I have tried inserting Disc 2 into my old laptop and it can detect it just fine. I don't know why this is happening! I know that I can just download the game through Origin but my internet speed isn't that great. Please help me
ResidentEvilWolf - November 4, 2013
nope, it is'n tworking, i am getting really desperated ;)
I was on the cutscene after kovic died. Cutscene with Pac and captain garrison. The game just pause and stop working..
Valerio Montieri - November 3, 2013
When i start BF4 on my PC, i have an infinite loading problem. Anyone knows how to solve?
Wiretuts - November 4, 2013
I updated article couple of minutes ago. Please check new things that you can try and tell if some step helped. Thanks.
Zayd Anderson - November 2, 2013
Hi, when I install BF4 I get this message "An unexpected error has occured. Please try again in a few moments. error: 262148: 131086
Wiretuts - November 4, 2013
What OS are you running? Win 7 / 8, 32 or 64bit?
Danial Sahaje - November 23, 2013
Hi my battlefield 4 folder in documents is missing the settings folder can u help me
Timoh van Extel - November 2, 2013
Hey I have bought 4 battlefield but yesterday I actually played it perfectly but today that just could not load all flickered just boulder hard laggI have a nvidia gtx 660 A4-5300 APU
Wiretuts - November 4, 2013
Are you still having this issue? Sounds like driver issue to me.
Timoh van Extel - November 5, 2013
I have the GeForce R331 Game Ready Driver
Sami Dahmani - November 2, 2013
i have a problem on battelfiled 4 when I click it not start
Wiretuts - November 4, 2013
I just updated article. Check if something helps!
Masood Torkian - November 6, 2013
i have this problem too
and nothing helped :(
princeofwar - November 2, 2013
i have ati 4760 hd ddr3 1g and every time i launch the game i have an error says DirectX function and something about buffering and i cant get a beta driver for my card
Wiretuts - November 4, 2013
Are you still having this issue with game or did BF4 0day update fix your problem?
princeofwar - November 4, 2013
yes i still have this problem plz heeeeeeeeeeelp
princeofwar - November 4, 2013
i played bt3 and it was working good and fast and no problems but bt4 dont know what is wrong with it
princeofwar - November 4, 2013
and i cant get a beta driver cuz i have ati radeon 4760 hd and the beta for 5000 and above
Every time I tried to start bf 4, it says that it has stopped working. Any ideas?? Getting desperate
Wiretuts - November 4, 2013
I just updated article. Please check if some of the steps helps.
ResidentEvilWolf - November 1, 2013
i got the same problem as mikucraft....
i repaired and i got 64bit and windows 8 but it won't work
it Always freeze at loading level...
Wiretuts - November 4, 2013
Read what MrCheesecake replied to mikucraft. It helped in that situation. If not, i just updated this article and it has couple of new things that you can try. Hope it helps.
Tobias Wendelbo - November 1, 2013
my bf4 just can't play when i try to get ingame it wont let me
LaughableCheesecake - November 3, 2013
You need to update your drivers, or make sure they are enabled. If you have two, disable one and use your preferred other. I hope this helped, as this helped me. :D
Tobias Wendelbo - November 3, 2013
thank you now i can play
Marc Kjerulf - November 21, 2013
How do you do that? I bought the game right after release and still cant play so now i decided to fix it. I am using a laptop with Windows 8. Im not so good at this so if you can make it simple as possible that would be very nice. Thanks on advance :-D
Wiretuts - November 21, 2013
Do you want to know how to update your graphics drivers, or do you want to know how to disable other GPU? I don't think that you have two graphics cards cause you are on laptop.
Marc Kjerulf - November 21, 2013
I dont really know but i can try disabling my GPU, thanks
Wiretuts - November 21, 2013
If you have only one GPU, then you don't want to disable it :). It would really help if you tell what kind of machine do you have. You can download this http://www.piriform.com/speccy and it will give you summary. You can take screenshot from that and upload it here. And describe what kind of problem you are having with game.
Marc Kjerulf - November 21, 2013
My laptop is from a Danish company called MM-Vision. Cant link to it because it isnt on there website right now. I have the exact same problem as Tobias where when i start the game it loads a bit but then i get the message: Battlefield 4 has stopped working :-)
Marc Kjerulf - December 1, 2013
You got solution?
Wiretuts - December 3, 2013
New client update starts to roll in one hour. Let's wait and check if it fixes something... At last...
Marc Kjerulf - December 4, 2013
Didnt help :(
Sulayman Ali Hassan - November 7, 2013
Hey i have similar problem that window appeares on my screen 2. i dont know what to do i am so frustrated right now.
please help my computer is aacer predator g3620 i5 gtx660 windows 8 64 bit
Michael Michaelsen - October 31, 2013
Mine keeps saying i have to install punkbuster, even though I have it it installed and I've ran the test and looked for updates and reinstalled it twice without any luck.. what to do now?
Wiretuts - October 31, 2013
Did you remember to right click installer and select Run as administrator, so it has full privileges? If you did that and it doesn't still work, please take screenshot from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4\pb\" -folder and paste it here.
Michael Michaelsen - October 31, 2013
Yeah i did run it as admin and it still didn't work, here's the pictures of my folders (btw i'm from denmark so my system is in Danish)
Wiretuts - October 31, 2013
Yeah! So you are missing whole PB folder. Download this http://wiretuts.com/downloads/punkbuster_files_for_battlefield_4_open_beta.rar and extract that to battlefield folder. So that you have pb folder with files in Battlefield 4 root folder.
Michael Michaelsen - October 31, 2013
You sir just saved my gaming. THANKS!
Wiretuts - October 31, 2013
And you sir, just enjoy your game!
Bermanstein - October 31, 2013
Now that the full game has been released, when I start the online portion of the game I can't access any of the options. This being the history tab, battlepacks tab and pretty much anything else.
I can get onto online games but only under conquest and no-other game mode.
If you please help me with this problem it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance.
Wiretuts - October 31, 2013
What browser are you using and are you using adblock or any script blocking plugins? If so, i suggest that you disable those plugins/extensions. When i logged to battlelog it didn't show any images on site and i saw that for some reason adblock plus had blocked some elements on site. I disabled it on battlelog and it started to work.
Cailer - October 31, 2013
My problem is the game never finishes downloading. It gets to 10% then 2 minutes later is back to 3%. then it gets back to 5% then after that goes back to 3%. The time remaining clock keeps counting down when it hits 0 origin crashes then i have to restart and it restarts the download.
Wiretuts - October 31, 2013
Go to C:\ProgramData\Origin\DownloadCache and if there is anything related to Battlefield 4, please remove it. It is possible that BF4 download is somehow corrupted. Last option is to reinstall Origin.
Jonathan Hernandez - October 14, 2013
what does it mean when it says "You need to install the game first"
Wiretuts - October 31, 2013
First of all. Start your Origin application by right clicking Origin icon and select "Run as administrator". Then locate Battlefield 4 and right click that and select "Repair install". This is one solution. Secondly, there has been problems with 32bit systems and official EA help says this "Battlefield 4 players running a 32-bit Windows operating system will need to download and install the Day One patch for Battlefield 4 before running their game.".
Nate Mills - October 13, 2013
my problem is Punkbuster:this isnt working, I tried to do this ( I know how to install PB I have done it many times for other games) but I don't even have a pb folder in the bf4 folder, so i tried to repair installation. but no luck.

When I run pbsetup.exe (as admin, or/and in compatiblity mode [i have win8 64 bit]) it doesnt respond, and crashes.

I have tried everything, including restarting the pbA and pbB services, and set priority higher etc'.

Please help, today I will try to reinstall
Wiretuts - November 4, 2013
Article is updated and has lot of new things that you can try. Please check it.
Rob LeRoux - October 8, 2013
Today i was playing and things were "fine" until a "no disk" error appeared after i was dropped from the game and i havnt been able to play since. Obviously there is no disk to even have in the first place. Please help
Wiretuts - October 8, 2013
I haven't heard about this before, but i found one case where situation is almost similar. So try this.1. Start windows registry editor by opening startup menu and just write regedit and hit enter.

2. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows\

3. Change value of ErrorMode from 0 to 2 and hit Ok.Test if it works.
Rob LeRoux - October 9, 2013
THANK YOU for responding! I wanted to give back the same respect and tell you that today I was able to get on without issue. I'm gonna note what you found and use it in the future if I MUST. Again, thank you.
Wiretuts - October 9, 2013
No problem man! My pleasure :)
TheStefholic - November 1, 2013
Hey man I have a problem. I want to play BF4 but I can't join servers on the bottom of the screen is blue thing with text: Joining to the server but the game isn't even on.
So i tried to play Singleplayer, same thing blue thing on the bottom and no reaction.
I had updated my windows, updated punkbuster,updated nvidia drivers, updated all patches, reinstalled the game 3 times and nothing :( I don't know what's going on
My specs: GTX 770, i7-2600, 8 GB RAM, 64-bit system. I should be able to play ;/
please tell me sir i installed bf4 its intall perfect but its not openning?
Ibrahim Amoo - December 17, 2013
please i have a problem. the game works but the screen is white. i can only see the map but i can't see any other thing. please any solution to this.
my system is intel core i3, windows 8 64-bit