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Playing Red Alert 1 on Windows 10 with working multiplayer

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Play Red Alert 1 on Windows 10

In this tutorial i’m gonna show how you can play C&C Red Alert 1 (Release year 1998) on Windows 10 with working multiplayer. Red Alert 1, Command & Conquer and Tiberian Sun was released as freeware in 2010 so you can download and play them free. There is still working community that is keeping alive these games and provide working installers and multiplayer. Red Alert 1 is the easiest one to install, because it works "out of the box" without any hassle.

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1. Go to CnCNet site by clicking this link: https://cncnet.org/red-alert and click View All Downloads. Choose Full Game (Windows)

CnCNet Red Alert 1 download link

2. After you have downloaded RA1installer.exe, start it.

Icon of Red Alert 1 installer

3. This installer is again really simple. Just hit next and when you see this view, make your choices and hit next. Because i wan't to play singleplayer with cutscenes i will choose Full Web-installation with both discs. Full Web-installation will also include multiplayer.

First step of Red Alert 1 installer

4. Red Alert will be downloaded.

Red Alert 1 installer downloading files

5. Launch game straight from setup or from desktop shortcut.

Red Alert 1 installer finished
Red Alert 1 shortcut

6. Select Settings.

Red Alert 1 launcher and Settings button

7. Select your preferred resolution and display mode.

Red Alert 1 config tool

8. You can also go to Advanced settings, if you want to.

Red Alert 1 advanced config tool

9. If you want to play single player campaign select Play Offline

Red Alert 1 single player button

10. If you want to play multiplayer online or lan, select Play Online.

Red Alert 1 multiplay


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