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Playing Command & Conquer on Windows 10 with working multiplayer

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Play Command and Conquer on Windows 10

In this tutorial i'm gonna show how you can play Command & Conquer (Release year 1995) on Windows 10 with working multiplayer. C&C, Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Sun was released as freeware in 2010 so you can download and play them free. There is still working community that is keeping alive these games and provide working installers and multiplayer. There is couple of error situations that you might see, but those won't happen if you do things in correct order.

Youtube video


- Command and Conquer (v1.06c rev 3) - Download link
- Command and Conquer (English Videos Base Pack) - Download link

1. Download files listed above. If you do not need the cutscenes, you don't have to download English Videos base pack.

2. Start installation of Command & Conquer by starting cc95v106c_r3_u4_full.exe

Icon of C&C installer

3. Setup is really easy. Just hit next next next.

First step of C&C Gold setup

4. Do not launch configuration tool yet.

C&C Gold setup finished

5. Start cc95v106_videobase_eng.1.exe if you want to install cutscenes for Command and Conquer.

Icon of C&C Video installer

6. Setup should automatically detect where your game is installed. If not, then browse your installation dir and hit next.

C&C Video installer

7. If you created shortcuts to desktop, just right click C&C Gold -shortcut and click Open file location. If you didn't create shortcuts, then just navigate to your C&C installation directory.

C&C open file location

8. Right click CCConfig.exe and Run as administrator.

Image of C&C95 installation folder

9. Make your changes and hit apply.

C&C config tool

10. Right click C&C95.exe and select properties.

C&C executable properties

11. Go to Compatibility tab and uncheck Compatibility mode. NOTE: When ever you use CCConfig.exe and make changes, it will enable compatibility mode for C&C95.exe. If you don't disable compatibility mode you will have error message and it will freeze your game and window.

C&C95.exe properties window

12. You can now start the game from C&C Gold -shortcut. If you didn't create shortcut, you can find the executable from installation dir by the name C&C95.exe.

C&C Gold shortcut

13. If you want to play Command & Conquer online or lan, start C&C95 on CnCNet -shortcut. If you didn't create shortcut, you can find the executable from installation dir by the name cncnet5.exe.

CnCNet Login screen


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