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How to play Red Alert 3 online/co-op on Windows 10

Play Red Alert 3 online co-op on Windows 10

In this tutorial i'm going to show how to play Red Alert 3 online in year 2019. In May 2014 GameSpy servers were shut down which meant that Red Alert 3 lost it's online services. But gladly there is working community that created working solution so we can still enjoy playing Red Alert 3 online. You have to have Red Alert 3 installed to proceed.

1. Go to this site - https://cnc-online.net/en/connect/register/ and create your account.

Register to Revora site

2. After you have created your Revora account. You have to create your Revora server account and you do it by going to this link - https://cnc-online.net/en/account/create/

Creating Revora Server account.

3. Download and install CNC Online client from this link - http://server.cnc-online.net/downloads/cnconline/CNCOnline_2.0.7.msi . CNC Online installer doesn't ask where to install. It will install to C:\Program Files (x86)\Revora\CNCOnline by default.

C&C Online Setup for Red Alert 3

4. Lets test that C&C Online is working by launching it from C&C Online desktop icon and clicking Red Alert 3 button. It will take some time and Red Alert 3 should start. If Red Alert 3 starts and you don't get any errors. You can close the game.

C&C Online launcher

If C&C Online is saying that you are missing DLL files when clicking Red Alert 3 button, download this DLL package that i made - https://wiretuts.com/downloads/cnconline_dll_files.zip. Extract ZIP file and put those DLL files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Revora\CNCOnline

5. Start Red Alert 3 like you normally would. When you are in main menu, press Alt + Tab from keyboard.

Red Alert 3 main menu

6. Click C&C Online software open if it isn't already. Click Red Alert 3 button and it will bring you back in the game.

C&C Online launcher

7. If you wanna play co-op go to Campaign > Chapters and if you wanna play online games go to Versus > Online.

Red Alert 3 main menu

8. Fill in your Revora Server credentials and click Log In.

Red Alert 3 online login screen

9. Now you can play the game!

Red Alert 3 online settings


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