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How to get games work with Hamachi on Windows 7

Play old lan games over internet using Hamachi

Hamachi doesn't work? You can't ping your friends? Some of your friends can see your game, but all can't. This tutorials shows how to get games work with Hamachi on Windows 7, when there is firewall/antivirus software installed. We've had all of those mentioned problems, and we managed to get all work with these steps.

1. Go to Hamachi download page . Accept conditions and hit "Download Now".

LogMeIn website - Download now

2. Start hamachi.msi

LogMeIn Hamachi - Setup icon

3. After installation, DO NOT launch Hamachi yet.

LogMeIn Hamachi - Setup

4. Go to Network and Sharing Center and click Change adapter settings from left sidebar.

Windows 7 - Network and sharing center - Change adapter settings

5. Hit Alt from keyboard, so top menu pops out, and click Advanced Settings

Windows 7 - Network - Advanced settings


Ziemowit Łoś-Kamiński - 6 years ago
step 6. I can't see Hamachi in "Adapters and Bindings" window. What to do now? (I did step 3 wrong, I lanched the program...)
Khoa Hipi - 7 years ago
I can't see the hamachi in step 6
KosmicGR - 7 years ago
I'm in Windows 10 and thus step 24 is IMPOSSIBLE.
EmeraldPlay - 8 years ago
It works :D
Dhruv - 8 years ago
help me plz. I did all the steps above mentioned but my friends cant see my server and neither can I see their server. i have posted a screen shot also below in another post
Dhruv - 8 years ago
I did all the steps above mentioned still my friends cant see it.
help me out please
blackchow - 8 years ago
hey, so i've followed your steps before and they worked out fine, but i recently had to reinstall hamachi and now the settings applied in step 10 won't save after i restart my computer (and it says i have to restart my computer for the settings to actually be applied). any idea why this might be and what i can do? i've tried it a hundred times.
Duran - 8 years ago
bilbo - 9 years ago
I am stuck on No.9 where is advanced, you have gone from no.8 to no.9 not telling us how?
Wuffles - 9 years ago
I have no f**king idea how to port forward.
Wuffles - 9 years ago
I have no f**king idea how to forward ports.
nameless1981 - 9 years ago
fk u
26 is wat
open wat de cb
Corey Erb - 9 years ago
When I go to advanced settings in network connections I do not have a Hamachi connection. just my LAN connection.
DJł Gomez - 9 years ago
i need to add ports to hamachi or i need to open ports for LAN? because i can't open hamachi client tunneling engline. if you have time pls give some pic for this step too, thx :)
Fourex1 - 9 years ago
what do i do if it says failed to connect to the engine
Filip Brorsson - 9 years ago
Followed everything in here and it didn't work, still relayed tunnel... Had this problem for months now.
apeace - 10 years ago
sir..why my hamachi IP is always begin with 25. i follow all of your steps. any idea? pls hlp me!
karppppppo - 10 years ago
i dont think this is a problem
Ted Karlsson - 10 years ago
Guys use the internet LAN program called Tuungle. it works for all games
Tsartomat Placeholder - 10 years ago
it doesn't work even for itself. not mention the spam
Nikhil - 10 years ago
Is Mw3 gonna work............!
Blackmed - 10 years ago
hmmm, I can get into a game, my friend can see my game, though when he tries to connect, it says connection failed. Also, at step 24, my Hamachi network is an: Unidentified network, and I cannot change it to home network, since 'Public network' is black and not highlighted as blue.
Ted Karlsson - 10 years ago
As I wrote down there. use Tuungle instead.. much easier and 100% work
Ted Karlsson - 10 years ago
For all of you out there, the only thing who works for mythology is tuungle, i play with it myself and its the best internet lan program iv seen even its beta. So download and just make an account then there is an tutorial for eatch game inside the program. Easy,
Schaggs - 10 years ago
I followed all those steps but the Hamachi network is not showing as active. Here's a screenshot
YKH - 10 years ago
what about silverfall?
Konstan - 10 years ago
This works for Heroes 3 right?
Wiretuts - 10 years ago
Of course!
Jimmy In maica matii - 8 years ago
cum ma in mortii matii ?
Cristian Cioroiu - 8 years ago
ai reusit?
Ted Karlsson - 10 years ago
Lars I have the same problem as you and I dont know the problem.:/
Wiretuts - 10 years ago
Check what i replied to Lars.
Ted Karlsson - 10 years ago
we both did the same thing, no luck the only thing that changed was that we found eatch other without searching for the IP adress. now I need to try change settings in the router then :p
Wiretuts - 10 years ago
Check your router model and find it from here http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm .
Lars - 10 years ago
I can see my friends game on Age of mythology, but i can't join it, "Attempting to connect" forever, and ive done everything above.
Wiretuts - 10 years ago
Did your friend do things as the same way? One cause of this problem can be missing port-forwarding settings. If your router is set to NAT, then you have to access your router and do port-forwading settings.
John - 10 years ago
I don't get portfowarding part but everything else I did and still can't ping to my friends.
Wiretuts - 10 years ago
It's possible that your friends firewall blocks pings (ICMP Echo Requests). Step 26, is that step where i allow pings to come through from Hamachi.
voldmore - 10 years ago
i nees a torchlight 2 server mine is torchlight2 pass : 12345