How to fix Asus DSL-AC68U slow Wi-Fi problem


If you have problem that your Asus DSL-AC68U:s Wi-Fi is really slow on  2.4GHz band, here is one trick that can fix it. I ran into this problem when i connected my older laptop and Wii U to Wi-Fi. Wii U couldn’t keep up the connection and when it could, it was really really slow. First i thought that the problem was Wii U:s poor Wi-Fi, but after i connected my older laptop to Asus i noticed that Wii U wasn’t only device with that problem. Wii U and laptop both has older Wi-Fi adapter so it could only connect to 2,4GHz band and problem occurred only there.



1. Access the router web panel by going to with your browser. Default IP is and default username and password is admin/admin.



2. Navigate to Advanced Settings -> WAN.



3. You should see one entry on PVC Summary and it should have 802.1Q Enable set as No. Click Edit PVC icon.



4. Change 802.1Q Enable to Yes and hit Ok.



5. Reboot router.



Now you might think “What is 802.1Q and what i just did?” and here is the answer: IEEE 802.1Q is the networking standard that supports virtual LANs (VLANs) on an Ethernet network. The standard defines a system of tagging for Ethernet frames and the accompanying procedures to be used by bridges and switches in handling such frames.

By enabling 802.1Q it fixed all speed issues on 2.4GHz band. Why it is affected with this setting? I don’t really know, but i know that it fixes it.


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  • ferr

    After this setting my wifi stopped completely working.

  • Thanks for this. Got onto NBN today and this small issue was driving me crazy. Your solution worked perfectly.

    • JamieWiretuts

      No problem man! Glad that it helped.

  • Steven Ross

    OMG this was SO SO helpful for me. I have a RING doorbell that would not work and have been on with tech support for about 6 hours. Nobody could figure it out but this fixed it. Thank you! Thank you!

  • Jari Nieminen

    Thank you!

    I rarely bother to response to these threads, but now I simply must in case it might help someone else:

    In my case the problem was slow download speed on Wifi – both 2.4G and 5G. But ONLY on Windows OS. Tested on WIN7 and WIN10, both slow while OSX and all other devices on my network had normal speed. Speed with ethernet was always normal, and the upload speed was normal on Wifi as well.

    My Asus router did not have the setting above at all(?), the whole “PVC summary” entry was not there. Adding it fixed the problem with Windows clients, and all other clients kept the same good normal speed.

    Now my download is about 20x faster on Windows. One can find a lot of suggestions on the internet while Googling, but in my case this trickery was the solution. Go figure.

  • Jake Perren

    Mate you are a deadset Legend!!!!!!

    Well done great post, perfect fix

  • ireadtabloids

    Absolute legend!!!!!! Saved my bacon. Wish I’d stumbled across you five hours earlier. No idea why this works, but thank you!!! Master legend.