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How to disable Facebook message popups

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Facebook recently rolled out new feature that shows your latest Facebook messages on popup on your current browser tab even if you aren't logged on Facebook. Facebook asks first time that do you allow them to send you popup notifications or not, and user doesn't always know what that means in reality. If you feel that these popups are annoying you can disable them in couple of ways.

Disabling notifications from Facebook

1. Click that little arrow from top right and then Settings.

Facebook settings link

2. Click Notifications and from there click Edit from that line that says Desktop and Mobile.

Facebook notification settings

3. Click Turn Off

Facebook turn off notifications

Disabling notifications from Chrome

1. Click the Settings icon with the three horizontal lines, located just to the right of the address bar at the top of the screen and after that Settings.

Chrome settings button

2. Click Settings from left menu and after that click Show advanced settings.

Chrome advanced settings

3. Scroll down until you see Notifications and click Manage exceptions.

Manage exceptions in Chrome

4. Click Content settings under Privacy

Chrome privacy content settings

5. You should see line that contains Facebook.com:443 and behavior is Allow. Change that behavior to Block and click Done.

Chrome notification exceptions dialog


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