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Hide your IP with Anonine on iOS

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This tutorial shows how to hide your IP with Anonine on iOS. Anonine is Swedish VPN service provider and it offers anonymity to internet surfing. Anonine doesn't keep any logs or information about users. Every time user connects to Anonine, they allocate new IP rather than the same as was given during previous connections. There is no speed or traffic cap. Traffic is 128 bit or 2048 bit encrypted depending on the selected service.

1. Go to Anonine website -> click here and click Buy the Service.

Anonine website - Buy the service

2. There is two options: PPTP or OpenVPN. If you are using Anonine only on the PC, then i suggest that you choose OpenVPN option, cause it's more secure.

Anonine website - Service types

3. Create your account and select your service type. You are using this username and password to log on Anonine.

Anonine website - Registration

4. Select your payment method and how many days you want. You can select 31 days option if you want to just test how this service works in daily use. If you don't make payments after that, then it automatically stops from working.

Anonine website - Payment method

5. If you selected Paypal, after Paypal login you should see this. Click Pay Now.

Anonine website - Paypal method

6. If your transaction made through, then you should see this. Click Return to L & H...

Anonine website - Paypal payment completed

7. You are now logged in to Anonine site, and there should be this notification.

Anonine website - Thanks for your order

Anonine PPTP connection

1. Go to Settings.

Apple iOS - Settings icon

2. Press General.

Apple iOS - Settings

3. Press VPN.

Apple iOS - General

4. Press Add VPN Configuration.

Apple iOS - Add new VPN connection

5. Select PPTP. Description is Anonine VPN and server is vpn.anonine.net. Type your anonine credentials to account ant password and lastly Save.

Apple iOS - VPN Configuration

6. Slide VPN Off to VPN On.

Apple iOS - Connect to Anonine

7. iOS is now connecting to Anonine. This may take a while! It depends on how much there is traffic.

Apple iOS - VPN Connect status

8. When status is Connected and timer is running, then you are good to go.

Read this! There has been many cases when VPN isn't connecting to any given VPN server. It's iOS bug. There is one solution that worked in my case. When i tried first time to connect Anonine with 3G, it didn't connect at all. No matter what i tried. But when my phone was connected to WiFi, then it connected to Anonine right away, and after that it worked with 3G too.


Ense1930 - April 28, 2015
Try Anonine after 2 other vpn, and stopped on it.
Nice web-site, easy to setup, really high speed, especially like Netherlands and Canada servers(I’m from France).
I have never had a drop issue, so recommend it for you.
Joyaloorg - April 28, 2015
speed, low price, never disconnected. Never being in touch with support, so
can’t say anything about it. Highly recommended this service!
Thomedran - April 28, 2015
Really high level service! After much research I decided to try out this service. All I can say that it's fast and reliable. Customer service is excellent. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Olis1939 - April 28, 2015
It's the most secure service I ever had! Their support is superb, I'm very glad, this is a very professional one. thank you guys.
Hocush - April 27, 2015
Have been using this service for almost six months. Speed is great. Each protocol is working perfect. It is the most secure vpn. The connection drops very rarely. The prices are pretty low. I can tell this is the best vpn service I’ve ever tried.