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Apex Legends fixes and workarounds

Apex Legends fixes

I have collected Apex Legends fixes and workarounds to one page. There is now multiple sites that are clickbaiting, and playing quessing games, without offering any solutions, we are not going to do that today. Let's get to it.

Apex Legends has low FPS and it stutters

If you have laptop or desktop computer that has multiple GPU:s, there has been cases where Apex Legends is using your CPU:s GPU by default. You can fix it by forcing Apex Legends to use your NVIDIA or AMD card.


1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel and select Manage 3D settings from left side.

2. Select Program Settings -tab. Add Apex Legends executable to program list. It's currently called r5apex.exe.

3. Make sure that preferred graphics processor is your GPU card, not integrated GPU. If this dropdown is not showing, that means that you don't have multiple GPU:s that you could assign.

Open NVIDIA Control Panel and Manage 3D Settings.

AMD Card

I do not have AMD card myself, so i don't know where to find this option on current version of AMD software. If you have and can send screenshots for me, please write a comment so i can add it to here.

Selecting preferred GPU on Windows 10

1. Open Windows start menu and write graphic settings and click it.

Open graphic settings from start menu.

2. Click Browse

Click browse from Graphic settings.

3. Find Apex Legends executable and click Add.

Apex Legends folder on windows 10.

4. Click Options.

Apex Legends graphic options on windows 10.

5. In this popup window you see your computer GPU:s. Usually the Power saving GPU is your CPU:s integrated GPU, and we don't want to use that on Apex Legends, so select High performance option and hit Save.

Enable High performance on graphics sepcifications.

How to see what GPU Apex Legends is using

Open Apex Legends and alt+tab to windows. Open Task Manager and you should see the GPU engine that Apex Legends is using.

Apex Legends on windows task manager.

Note. As you can see, your web browser can be really big resource hog these days. So you wanna close all your browsers before playing Apex Legends.

Apex Legends has high ping or latency

1. When you have started the game, wait 60seconds in first screen, and after that click Exit to Desktop.

Apex Legends launch screen.

2. Click Cancel.

Apex Legends exit to desktop

3. Now you should see Data Center option. Click that.

Apex Legends Data Center option

4. Double click Data Center where you have the lowest ping and zero Packet Loss.

Apex Legends data center selection screen.

Apex Legends lags and has low fps while streaming on OBS

You can try to fix this by disabling Game Mode on Windows 10.

1. Open start menu and write game mode and open it.

Windows 10 game mode settings

2. Click Game Mode off.

Disable windows 10 game mode

Apex Legends - Engine Error 0x887A0005

So i got the error code 0x887A0005 couple of times and after that i disabled my 8700k integrated GPU, and after doing that i haven't got this error. Is it coincidence or not, i don't know, but it is worth a try. So try to disable your CPU:s integrated GPU if you have enabled it from UEFI/BIOS. You have to find your motherboard manual and find where you can disable it. On latest ASUS boards it is called "CPU Graphics Multi-Monitor" -option, on some mobos it is called iGPU.

The video card has been physically removed from the system, or a driver upgrade for the video card has occurred. The application should destroy and recreate the device.

Apex Legends engine error 0x887A0005

Apex Legends - Engine Error 0x887A0006

Engine Error 0x887A0006 is something that happens now and then, and you can see from the text that we cannot do anything about it.

The application's device failed due to badly formed commands sent by the application. This is an design-time issue that should be investigated and fixed.

Apex Legends engine error 0x887A0006


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