How to get games work with Hamachi on Windows 7


11. Start Hamachi, and hit Power button.

LogMeIn Hamachi - Connect

LogMeIn Hamachi – Connect

12. Register your client.

LogMeIn Hamachi - Register client

LogMeIn Hamachi – Register client

13. Go to Manage -> Manage Networks.

LogMeIn Hamachi - Manage networks

LogMeIn Hamachi – Manage networks

14. You should see LogMeIn website in front of you. Click Manage Hamachi for Free.

LogMeIn website - Login

LogMeIn website – Login

15. Register for free account.

LogMeIn website - Create account

LogMeIn website – Create account

16. Click Create Networks

LogMeIn website - My networks

LogMeIn website – My networks

17. Give name to your network and be sure that your network type is Mesh. Click continue.

LogMeIn website - Add network step 1

LogMeIn website – Add network step 1


18. I use “Accept automatically” setting join requests, so i don’t have to accept every user that joins to my network. If you want to be sure that only your friends can connect to your network, select “Must be approved”.

Network password is that password that you give to your friends, so they can join to your network.

Select free subscription and hit Continue.

LogMeIn website - Add network step 2

LogMeIn website – Add network step 2


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  • bilbo

    I am stuck on No.9 where is advanced, you have gone from no.8 to no.9 not telling us how?

  • Thanks

  • blackchow

    hey, so i’ve followed your steps before and they worked out fine, but i recently had to reinstall hamachi and now the settings applied in step 10 won’t save after i restart my computer (and it says i have to restart my computer for the settings to actually be applied). any idea why this might be and what i can do? i’ve tried it a hundred times.

  • Dhruv

    I did all the steps above mentioned still my friends cant see it.
    help me out please

  • Dhruv

    help me plz. I did all the steps above mentioned but my friends cant see my server and neither can I see their server. i have posted a screen shot also below in another post

  • EmeraldPlay

    It works 😀

  • KodicGR

    I’m in Windows 10 and thus step 24 is IMPOSSIBLE.

  • Khoa Hipi

    I can’t see the hamachi in step 6

  • Ziemowit Łoś-Kamiński

    step 6. I can’t see Hamachi in “Adapters and Bindings” window. What to do now? (I did step 3 wrong, I lanched the program…)